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it is until a clash with police as they march to change the nation's education system the sights and sounds from the protests coming your way plus we'll take a look at the cost of education here in the u.s. those walls around the globe a private industry thinking about the future in the stars from trips to the international space station to putting people on mars the future of space travel is increasingly becoming a private business venture we'll take a look at efforts to make big bucks in the final frontier. with the sequester force in the u.s. government to tighten its belt on spending back home can the same be said for foreign aid particularly for modest money guzzlers like the iron dome a look at the dollars and cents of supporting israel's defense systems coming up.
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it's thursday may ninth eight pm in washington d.c. i'm megan lopez and you're watching r.t. . starting off this hour tens of thousands of student activists flooded the streets of chile yesterday to protest the education system there between thirty seven and eighty thousand students actually gallery in santiago fall party c.e.o. concepcion. to demand more affordable higher education just recently the chilean government changed the criteria for students to receive federal financial aid the minimum income requirements were raised a centrally disqualifying thousands of students from acquiring the aid they need to pay for college the protests were largely peaceful however there were a few instances where a group of people donning masks actually clashed with police officers here's a look at the science and sounds from yesterday's demonstrations.
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now these protests have been happening intermittently ever since two thousand and eleven but in the lead up to the country's election season the significance of the most recent protests cannot be understated education will no doubt be an important issue for voters as they head to the polls to pick the next president in november.
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meanwhile in canada a three person panel has been tasked with investigating the actions taken by police and protesters during last year's student demonstrations student leaders pro police representatives as well as politicians are now criticizing the party comeback was decision to conduct. this investigation behind closed doors so let's look at how the country got to this point. last year's education demonstrations were dubbed the maple spring some two hundred thousand people gathered to rally against a planned seventy seven percent to wish an increase in quebec over a five year period that plan was later rejected for an annual increase of just three percent however it should be noted that tuition in quebec is around fifteen hundred dollars a year so a drop in the hat compared to american universities protesters accuse the police of mass roundups excessive fines the over use of force and limiting their mobility the
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three person panel is expected to come up with a decision by the end of the year however critics question the intent of the investigation says this panel will not have the power to subpoena witnesses or to pin offices on individual officers. now back here in the west massachusetts senator elizabeth warren introduced legislation on wednesday that would set the interest rates for subsidized stafford student loans at the same rate as big banks here are her remarks from the senate floor about the bank on student loan fairness act in other words the federal government's going to charge interest rates nine times higher than the rates they charge the biggest banks the same banks that destroyed millions of jobs in nearly broke the economy. that isn't right now without this or similar legislation student interest rates will double to six point eight percent in july right now banks borrow money at an interest rate of about six point seven
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five percent however this bill is only a temporary measure the lower interest rates would only be effective for one year so just long enough for congress to actually debate a long term legislation no earlier i was joined by professor patricio some morano he's a political analyst an editor of informatic us dot info and italia abrams she's the co-founder and director of operations at student debt crisis and i first asked me talia to explain this bill and how it affects college students who are entering college as well as those who have already graduated take a look right so the doubling of the student loan rate to six point eight percent is going to affect all new students coming in they did this last year they feels like we just do one year fixes and it doesn't do enough so every year instead of fighting for newer legislation organizations such as ours student debt crisis or has to go back to what we thought last year so what elizabeth warren's bill will do
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will allow us to do like you said borrow at the same rates that the banks are borrowing i mean right now the big students are borrowing at nine times higher especially if the interest rate goes up but unfortunately what elizabeth warren's bill does not do is help existing borrow and borrow wars and that's where our bill h.r. thirteen thirty that representative karen bass introduced will actually help existing borrowers with the student loan fairness act and natalia as you had mentioned it's only for one year in order to give congress more time to be able to figure out what's done being done and what needs to be done in the future but what is the point of one year or a couple of months what is that realistically going to do in terms of the negotiations they've been going on for quite some time after all. right well i feel like it's a distraction technique like i said before that we have to fight for this year after year versus doing something that will fundamentally change the way we provide
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funding for education in the united states i mean this is getting completely out of hand and we need something truly comprehensive like our bill that will allow students to be forgiven for a partial amount of their amount of partial amounts of their debt after ten years it's a program and we truly believe that our bill both its existing borrowers and new borrowers coming in and we need that type of comprehensive legislation to really go forward as elizabeth warren said we need to value education in this country it's vital to our national security to have an educated society and we are telling students that it's more important to buy a car to buy a house when you look at interest rates than it is to go to school and i we're sending this consumerist message to our students that i think is very wrong and very harmful to our country as a whole now what we have in the u.s. obviously is senator warren and others who are fighting to come up with some type of solutions now as i understand it that's not necessarily the case and she way it's these huge massive student movements like the one on april eleventh or over
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one hundred fifty thousand students gathered so talk about what's going on in chile right now where what's what's going on the news is really only interest with actually the main each of the axes about quality over in fact the middle class now is able to go to coalition does the cycle one thing we have a scholarship to the students of course our. plane would be fagged the. system is based on private companies and we basically go to the go see they're in the education company. so what they're finding no. real free public education but this in time not only that. has enough quality to. respond to the spectators of middle class that actually are eager to be beloved to come over to his salary to covet
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a life so that's the main each you know what you're talking about raising the public education standards to be able to compete with private cation natalia words the only was private education loans in the united states as well can you talk about private education ones and how that might be factoring into the student debt crisis right here. well as private education loans most of them are unsubsidized student loans or private loans and they can't be converted to federal they can't they're not eligible for a lot of the federal programs that are actually out there right now that provide a little relief so when and not to mention you're paying so much more but the funny thing is for some middle class and lower class students they lower income students they actually sometimes can get a better. loan deal a better deal by going to a private school because there's more aid available for them but that private student loans is really crushing when we see student when we see tuitions at fifty
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sixty thousand dollars a year i mean students are taking out over two hundred thousand dollars to attend these private schools which is more than the average mortgage in this country that was professor park three fields i'm o'donnell he's a political analyst an editor of info on that eco start info and it's only a abrams is a co-founder and director of operations at student debt crisis. well what was once described as one giant leap for mankind turned out to be only the first stepping stone in a long and exciting chapter of space exploration during the kennedy administration nasa learned how to shoot for the moon now they are looking beyond and they have their eyes set on one place in particular the red planet but government funded space programs aren't alone these days this new space race also includes private companies r.t. correspondent liz well wall tells us what's next for the final frontier. or. he was on man's first mission to the moon the second human but there
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but for buzz aldrin that's not enough setting his sights on the planet of mars with human vision. a growing permanent group people arrive there knowing that they're going to spend the rest of their life and they've been trained as a team to do that with right of use a different it's cheaper aldrin envisioned this happening by two thousand and thirty five but the mission to mars faces astronomical challenges financially technologically and politically it's like to give one political word to the political people it's to think twenty thirty years for the best of the country not for where you come from but in times of sikh laceration it seems the government is putting space travel on the back burner the obama administration has proposed slashing nasa has planetary program and the two thousand and fourteen budget now
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the private sector is stepping up dennis tito a multimillionaire and world's first space tourist plans to send a couple on a fly by mission to mars by two thousand and eighteen the inspiration mars project and visions the spacecraft to look like this well for space travelers two thousand and eighteen is an ideal date and that's because mars and earth orbit the sun as different speeds as you can see earth's track isn't as big so orbits the sun much more quickly and that means the distance between the two planets is constantly changing and in two thousand a pain the groups of the planets come together perfectly for the mission allowing them to fly to mars and back and about five hundred days. you know isn't the only businessmen setting his sights beyond earth skies and recent weeks version of the lactic successfully test launch its spaceship. to and in the desert of southwest new mexico the first spaceport built exclusively for paying passengers eagerly
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await their first customer r t got a sneak peek at the spaceport where the first commercial flight is slated to take off in two thousand and fourteen this is where we'll actually control launches i should look out here you see our runway which we call a space way in our horizontal launch customers will take off down the space way much like an airplane this was built to be virgin galactic headquarters set to service the terminal and the hangar is here where passengers board their spacecraft and take off from this twelve thousand foot runway. just this week virgin galactic announced they've hired former military pilots frederick's turco was a nasa pilot and retired u.s. marine corps colonel michael mizuguchi is a retired u.s. air force lieutenant colonel both men have jumped to the private sector to pilot the company's space ship to the beginning of the commercial passenger space flying industry to site we have the commercial passenger airline industry so it is the
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dawn of a new era all signs that commercial interests are shaping the destiny of human space travel changing the game and face of astronauts as we know it other companies also going to begin launches and next year it's two so i think the opportunities for tourists are great renowned astronaut like neil armstrong and buzz aldrin her chariot peg by nasa for scientific and military achievement and risked their own lives to venture to on my own territory but with the dawn of space tourism more aspiring space travelers are paying their way the hope is that private and government interest will intersect now you can stimulate the interest and get people to think more about what really we can do with more support in washington liz wahl r.t. . still ahead here on our table i am don't first came. into existence with a few fears from israel and a lot of funding on america's part and the money continues to flow this to this
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missile defense system even today but with the us facing cuts at home at the hands of us a questar just how much american taxpayer money is really being spent to protect israel look at this respect expense report coming up. looking for every dollar the feel good while we won't find it here if you're looking for relevant stories we need perspective on top of my stands in a diary. is it possible to navigate the economy with all the details or to stick some misinformation in media hype to keep you up to date by decoding the mainstream status it's in your right.
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here's mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that americans call a dollar. i'm sorry. he doesn't care if there are a lot of money you sold our little you know what kind of mine are there terror cells in your neighborhood don't want us to defeat terrorism the only liberal democrats. who voted for. the super to distract us from what you and i should care about because they're profit driven industry that's those of sensationalistic garbage he calls it breaking news i'm out to martin and we're going to break this but.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't. charge is a big issue. well the idea of an iron dome might be a bit rusty these days the united states has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on this defense missile defense system over the years but is it really the best bang for our buck critics question the effectiveness of this costly project in modern warfare r t international correspondent paula slayer reports. the brains behind the iron dome are israeli but the funding is mostly american born the no guns or gold or assistance of soldiers discussion and offer their assistance they
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have washington recently pledged an additional six hundred eighty million dollars for the point to intercept a system that advocates claim has a success rate of more than eighty percent in order to correct numbers i've seen the results and. endorse them completely even obama has gotten in on the act his first stop at a recent trip to israel was to an iron dome battery where he told soldiers they're doing an amazing job because so much money has been spent on this defense missile system and it now needs to be marketed and sold otherwise how do you justify something that has already cost the american taxpayer millions of dollars but for all its hype the iron dome which is designed to intercept and destroy short range rockets aimed at populated areas is not foolproof i have a lot of question marks questions that include the system's effectiveness weapons experts in the united states and even in israel say the i.d.f. has y. be overstated its intercept success rate by a factor of ten or more you can see very clearly.
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that it's impossible to keep warm. we've said the destroyed eighty four percent of the incoming orcutt's the celebrated technological wonder exploded onto the international stage after last year's israel gaza war but the math did not add up it proved disproportionately expensive as a defense against crude homemade palestinian rockets to mouth. and militants there are assembling these rockets which cost about one hundred dollars to make and which are very little more than than a pie with an explosive to to propel it forward. and iron dome rockets and actually cost fifty thousand dollars and each bucket so and shooting two rockets to intercept one of the of the hamas makeshift bombs a makeshift rockets would call
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a thousand times more than the cost of the rocket that is being intercepted but the i.d.f. has good reason to mislead the world about its effectiveness not only do taxpayers want to know the money is being well spent but enemies need to be deterred especially gaza militants firing at israel's southern border city of to watch now that was the solution even more they developed their own them to defend their war that was. the only area that one them cannot defend is a village given the history of missile defense deception and the strong israeli incentive to deceive the people who pay for the system should be asking hard questions about how well it really works paula c.r.t. tel aviv. and as you just heard paul allude to last month the pentagon's defense agency asked for additional funds to buy even more missiles to add on to israel's iron dome this comes as the u.s. faces across the board spending cuts known as the sequester but while the american
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education system is being cut and lawmakers squabble over funding for the f.a.a. the amount of money the u.s. sends to israel each year remains largely untouched political commentator sam sacks does the number crunching for us. as the sequester takes hold across the country and critical government services to tens of millions of americans are reduced there's one special interest that's trying to protect itself from the pain and no i'm not talking about members of congress who are trying to avoid flight delays i'm talking about lobbyists for israel who are concerned that budget cuts could affect their cash line from washington d.c. and particular funding for the israeli missile defense system iron dome here's some of the numbers this year israel is slated to receive roughly three point one billion dollars in military systems on top of that they're getting more than four hundred seventy nine million dollars in missile defense systems including two hundred eleven million dollars specifically for the iron dome missile defense system now all of these numbers all of them are subject to sequester cuts
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a fact that wasn't lost on apac the american israel public affairs committee which lobbied congress heavily earlier this year to shield israel from looming sequester cuts now the exact toll of the sequester cuts are still undetermined the congressional research service estimates that israel military funding could be cut by as much as one hundred fifty five million dollars this year and israel missile defense programs including iron dome could be hit with thirty seven million dollars in cuts but despite a pax lobbying so far it doesn't look like congress is willing to stick its neck out to shield israel from the sequester in the same way they shielded the f.a.a. from the sequester to avoid ongoing flight delays however a few key pieces of legislation have been introduced in congress regarding ongoing military funding for israel post sequester including h r eleven thirty the iron dome support act authorizing the president to get continued to systems to the iron
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dome but the real action the real action is happening here at the pentagon because of the sequester this year by law the pentagon has to cut roughly seven point eight percent out of most of their programs including military aid to israel but for next year. the pentagon can boost funding for specific programs like iron dome and cushion them before the next round of sequester cuts kicks in in two thousand and fourteen and in his confirmation hearing defense secretary chuck hagel had to promise to fully support iron dome. last year iron dome more than proved itself as missiles from gaza continually headed towards israel. in december a ranking member inhofe and i successfully pushed for full funding of the us israel cooperative missile defense systems will you personally support robust funding for iron dome i fully support and will continue to fully support. iron dome in arrow and david's line in two thousand and eleven the pentagon handed over two
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hundred four million dollars to israel for iron dome than additional seventy million in two thousand and twelve and this year two hundred eleven million dollars is a lot of for iron dome although that's object to the sequester now looking ahead secretary of defense chuck hagel announced in april increased funding to cushion the iron dome program the pentagon is asking for two hundred twenty million dollars for iron dome in two thousand and fourteen and then another one hundred seventy five million dollars in two thousand and fifteen to complete the rest of the iron dome installation in israel now it's just up to congress specifically the appropriations committees in congress that set funding levels to approve this increased funding so if israel is spared from the sequester it won't happen in an attention grabbing vote on capitol hill complete with the baited full media coverage like we saw with the recent exemption from the sequester instead it will happen in the much quieter
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appropriations committee rooms on the hill where wong said funding levels for the pentagon and other agencies and where lobbyists try to extract millions for their own pet projects be a bridges to nowhere or foreign missile defense systems and all of this will likely happen with very few people noticing in washington same sex r.t. now moment most people have heard of the birds and the babies but how about what it means for farming so much of our agricultural lives upon nature with birds and bees playing an important component and on terms of pollination what if one of those parts of nature was actually threatened though laurie harshness with the resident dot net tells us more.
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according to new report by the u.s. department of agriculture america has of the problems our honeybees are dying by the millions with annual death rates of about thirty percent some beekeepers are reporting losses as high as ninety percent and that's a very bad thing because we actually need those feed honey bees pollinate crops that are worth more than two hundred billion dollars a year which helps feed the economy and you know people honey bees pollinate apple zucchini avocado plum and all in crops among other according to the u.s.d.a. report the survivorship is too low right now for the u.s. to meet the pollination demand so the question is why are all the honey bees die the report is inconclusive but cites possible factors including pesticide exposure
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which is sure to come as no surprise to the european commission was already on track to banning neo nic it's annoyed a class of insecticide chemically related to nicotine but u.s. officials say they don't have enough evidence that neonate gets in the way they're killing our bees so they aren't going to ban them i guess they haven't read the american bird conservancy review that came out in march they reviewed two hundred study i mean exits in the night they were poured found a single corn kernels coated with a new nick annoyed can kill a very small bird and i guess they didn't read the research published last year in some of the world's most. it's still just journals which demonstrated in time for verbal overwhelming evidence linking negative noise to the death of large numbers of honeybees and i guess they didn't hear about the coalition of beekeepers and agriculture advocates who just sued the e.p.a.
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over inadequate toxicity evaluation or maybe they do know all about the evidence and just don't want to ban the pesticides anyway do you see the need to get annoyed named in the lawsuits are manufactured by bayer and syngenta bayer has thirty two lobbyists in washington alone and fourteen of them previously have government jobs and sixteen out of syngenta twenty eight lobbyists held government jobs two combined they spent over seven million bucks buying politicians in washington last year so guess what honeybees farmers and people who like all of the lots of fresh fruit chances are no nic it's a noise aren't going anywhere anytime soon at least not in america tenses are you could be screwed and we could all be facing of the mageddon sometimes very. tonight let's talk about that by following me on twitter as the resident.
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well we've all heard one or two skydiving horror stories in our day most of them happen while a private company takes a taurus for a jump but unbelievable video was put on the internet of a paratrooper from an elite special forces group actually being sucked out of the plane when he was shot when the chute opened up did you see that watch again this plane's jumpmaster was searching for the drop zone when it appears that his ripcord caught on the ramp actually triggering the chute to open he was trying to out of what is believed to be a c one thirty hurt. gillies plane used for military transport a representative from the fitz special forces group told m.s.n. and nine actually that amazingly the paratrooper landed safely about thirty miles away from his target destination and just goes to show that even highly trained
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professionals can make mistakes and that's going to do it for now i'm going lopez have a wonderful night. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't. charge is a big. good afternoon welcome to prime interest i'm hearing and boring and here is the topic that we're following today. game on as well the big banks are saying club fifty that's regulator speak for two big.


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